ATOM was developed to simplify a critical, yet often neglected aspect of a firm. The accounting function can prove overwhelming and time consuming to a sole practitioner or small firm without the resources to engage a full time accounts department. Our aim is to alleviate the stress and expense associated with the accounting function by providing a cost effective online service that automatically updates, includes daily backups and allows small firms to focus on what they do best.

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Online Access

If you have internet access you can login and start. No more hardware specifications or compatibility dramas.

Intuitive Features

No more lengthy training sessions, expensive training fees and no more downtime while staff are out of the office.


Provide your accountants with their own login access allowing them to manage your finances and audits effectively and efficiently.

NSW Law Society Certified

ATOM is certified under the Legal Profession Uniform General Rules (2015). This means the ATOM trust module is compliant in all states

Automatic Updates

Automatic updates provided with the latest version with No added costs for upgrades and new versions.

Daily Backups

Data is stored on our secure designated server. This means that if you experience any type of technical failure your data is safe.

Client & Matter Control

Clients and matters are managed separately. Each matter contains trust and office ledgers, time recording, sundries and disbursements.

Interim Reports

Interim reports at a selected date range for trust, office and management purposes. A hands on approach to monitoring your business.

Time Recording

You can record time spent both individually and in bulk using a fixed fee method or by fee earner, matter category and task based rates.

Bank Screen

The bank screen allows you to produce bank deposit slips and perform bank reconciliations for both the trust and office account.

General Ledger

With no direct links to external accounting programs, ATOM is an integrated system designed for complete financial management.

Monthly Reports

Preparation of monthly regulation trust reports made simple. It’s reassuring to know that ATOM is compliant with your obligations.

Document Storage

Upload and store matter related documents to ensure all approved staff have access to the most up to date information. Password protect highly sensitive documents.


No more missed deadlines. Create colour coded critical dates from your matters or enter directly into the calendar. Available for everyone to see.

Controlled Money

Record all Controlled Money movements from within your matter. Ideal for estate monies and property developments.

Security Register

An unlimited number of securities packets and a wills register will be integrated with a client, and will be complete with search functionality.

ATOM Documents

Our integration with Box means you can access both Microsoft and Google documents, record file notes and create folders within each matter.

Financial Dashboard

Provides management and fee earners with customised financial analysis at a glance.

ATOM Payroll

Pay Schedules

Pay your employees weekly, monthly, fortnightly or any combination of the three. There are no limits on the number of pay schedules you can create so you can easily have multiple pay schedules to suit the way you pay your staff.

Pay Slip Notifications

Let employees know when they have been paid using automated pay slip notifications. Employees can be notified when they have been paid via SMS or email and can even have their payslips emailed to them each pay.

Employee Configuration

Configure your full time, part time and casual employees and pay them hourly or annually. Customise pay rates, super rates and leave accruals as well as bank and super accounts to enable payments to be split across multiple accounts.

ATO Reporting

Reduce manual processing by generating ATO compliant reports from within ATOM Payroll which can be submitted directly to the ATO via the ECI interface.

Employee Management Portal

Management will be able to create, review and approve leave requests for your employees. This allows you to delegate tasks at the appropriate levels without giving managers access to sensitive payroll data.

Leave Management

Employees can view their leave history and balances at any time through the employee portal. Leave requests can also be submitted via the employee portal and employees are notified as soon as leave is approved or declined.

Payslips and Documents

Employees can access all their payslips and payment summaries online at any time. ATOM Payroll also allows payroll administrators to upload documents such as employment contracts or doctor's certificates and make them available for employees to view online.

Single Touch Payroll Reporting

Automatically report payroll information to the ATO. Employers are required to report employee earnings, PAYG, super and certain deductions after payroll has been processed, rather than previously reporting monthly or quarterly. In addition to PAYG, super information must now be reported, which previously wasn’t required.

Integration and Service Providers

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We are ambitous about reducing our carbon footprint. Our servers are supported by carbon neutral Australian hosting and we maintain and promote the paperless office.